The San Clemente Island Range Complex (SCIRC) is the cornerstone of the tactical training ranges supporting the Southern California Operations Area (SOCAL). SOCAL supports the largest concentration of naval forces in the world. The scope of work for this project includes the complete design and construction of repairs at NOTS and Wilson Cove Pier Rehabilitation project on San Clemente Island. Each pier location requires repairs or replacement of structural and electrical elements due to damaged, failing, or failed systems. In addition, the work includes removing and replacing damaged I-beam attachments and installing new I-beam pylons with rubber strips on the face of the pylons, stainless steel ladders, pier outlets, and other structures. The project construction follows the sustainability and sustainable design code, UFC 1-200-02, which includes recycling steel and replacement materials.

US Navy Nots and Wilson Pier Inspection3
Scaffolding to inspect under the pier.
US Navy Nots and Wilson Pier Inspection2
Corroded piers and scaffolding..

Waterfront structures are a challenging area of design, construction, and sustainment, and require a discerning eye for detail and good judgment to become sound and reliable. The challenges our team was presented with included:

  • Environmental impacts
  • Material selection
  • Design and sustainment of cathodic-protection systems
  • Treatments (e.g., coatings and galvanizing) of materials and structures
  • Designing to withstand the hostile impacts in the coastal zone
  • Sustainment actions

Rehabilitation is a part of a pier structure’s regular maintenance; however, because of the importance of these structures, must be conducted thoroughly by experts. Beyaz & Patel, as a subconsultant to Balboa Engineering, provided calculations, including 3-D models, for the loading criteria, platform analysis and design, connection design, and for Wilson Cove, fender design. We also provided specifications and 90% and final design drawings.