We are structural engineers.

Our Work


Water Treatment. Conveyance. Storage.

Our Work


Water, wastewater, stormwater, groundwater, advanced, and recycled water.

Our Work


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Our Work

We are Structural Engineers

Beyaz & Patel is in our 40th year of providing structural engineering services to agencies, municipalities, and engineering consulting firms for water treatment, conveyance, and storage. We help to bring a safe and reliable supply of water to communities, including families, businesses, and farmers. Our services include structural engineering and design, seismic evaluations, structural condition assessment, retrofit design, rehabilitation of existing structures, alternative analysis, constructability, cost estimating, construction support, value engineering, owner advisory, and project management.

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Beyaz & Pate is a 100% Small, Disadvantaged, and Minority Business Enterprise. We are certified by by the Department of General Services, California Department of Transportation, and other regional and local agencies throughout California. We are also a Department of Industrial Relations certified contractor.  Call (858) 368-3421 for more information.

Structural Engineering Services

Structural Design

We design water and wastewater infrastructure and buildings for agencies and municipalities, and as a subconsultant to our engineering consulting partners.

Condition Assessment

We perform condition assessment studies for rehabilitation and replacement update to support asset management.


Beyaz & Patel rehabilitates aging infrastructure to ensure water assets are safe, reliable, and meet code requirements.

Seismic Analysis

Beyaz & Patel performs studies of buildings and structures to determine the risk of failure during a seismic event.

Retrofit Design

Meeting earthquake standards for Level 4 facilities is a cornerstone of our practice and vital to a safe and reliable water supply.

Alternative Analysis

We assess options to help our clients meet project goals through analysis of structural quantitative estimations and calculations.

Our Clients

Bringing water to the people.